The Daily Newspaper Is A Crucial Source Of Current Affairs

Current affairs are the foundation stone of preparation for different competitive exams. The infusion point connects varied aspects of general awareness and expansively impacts the preparation for competitive exams. There is enough emphasis on national and international affairs in written and interview rounds. Current affairs are an assortment of events that have a socio-political impact on a national and international level. The questions regarding current affairs are asked on events that occurred between the previous three months to a year and a half.

Have Different Orientation

Current affairs 2022 are the most important segment of competitive exams, especially public sector banks. State or Central government jobs have become more lucrative due to pay commission and expedient promotion policy, and amid the Covid-19 situation, these jobs attract more candidates. Questions of current affairs of national and international importance are frequently asked in banking railway competitive exams. 

There is no predefined syllabus for current affairs as it involves static general knowledge, general, political, and economic awareness. Every competitive exam has a different orientation regarding current affairs. Even in the IAS exam, this topic has enough importance.

Make It a Daily Habit

Reading and viewing current affairs enrich your general knowledge. Current affairs provide important information about government appointments, science, technology, important summits, political and social events. The daily newspaper is a crucial source of current affairs as it provides in-depth information about the major world and national events. You can download PDF material from reliable websites to facilitate your current affair preparation. Participation in daily /weekly quizzes helps you retain the information you gathered previously. 

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Make it daily to read and watch current affairs from multiple sources. The previous pattern of prelims exam show around twenty to thirty questions are asked about current affairs, making it a decisive factor between failure and success. If you are proficient in the subject, you can score good marks. Apart from prelims, you need a holistic, multidimensional approach to deal with current affairs questions in the mains exam. You must develop an analytical, logical aptitude on different topics like social-economic issues, international trade policy, international relationships, and events of national and international importance. 

Understand the Background

The group discussion and interview round assesses the candidate`s knowledge about current affairs and his/her pragmatic approach to it. Reading or viewing current affairs is not enough. You must understand the background of the event and its ripple effects. You must grasp the social, legal, political impact of such events. For instance, the Parliament bill for a ten percent quota for the poor is passed. You must understand the impact of the bill from different aspects. First, you must know the constitutional power to make such an amendment. Rather than concentrate on political debate, you must highlight fundamental rights like Article 16(4) and 15.

Current affairs 2022 PDF format covers all major events that have a socio-political impact at large. The uncertain economic-political consequences of the events are explained in a detailed manner. The dynamic, holistic analysis of the events gives you a cutting edge over other aspirants. 


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