How To Write an Application for a Teaching Job

Why send anything other than a CV to an employer? And is it necessary to do so? It turns out that yes. This type of document, called an application letter, is needed for every modern vacancy, and it must be written to someone who wants to get a job in a particular vacancy. This letter shares more details about the worker’s experience in required field, as well as qualifications and other data. In addition, you also need to clearly state why you want this particular job and how you can be useful in this position. Unlike a resume, it contains more facts about you, and if you are suitable for an employer and he calls you for an interview, then he needs to know some data about you. That is why, in addition to a resume, employers ask for a cover letter, and if you want to become a teacher, especially. 

But not all job openings require this letter for those who would like to work as a teacher. And if you are interested in teaching in a country like, for example, Qatar and meet all the usual requirements of employers for teachers, you can go now to special sites like Layboard that post jobs from different countries for people with different qualifications. There you can get acquainted with the requirements for workers in the place you need.

Who can become a good teacher?

Being a good and effective teacher is not for everyone, to put it mildly. Teaching can be a very suitable job for people who would like to pass on everything that they know and life experience to kids and help change for better lives of their students. In order to become a successful teacher and be able to work in a good educational institution, you will need more than just education. A very important factor for all those who want to work as teachers is the ability to find contact with children, and be able to interest them in the subject that you will teach, and most importantly, teach them something. Working with children can be quite difficult, as they are often rebellious or unwilling to learn, but you will still need to continue to work and teach children, which not everyone can.

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What does any person need to become a successful teacher?

  • Education

Even if you get along very well with kids, you can easily occupy them and their attention even for a long time, and make them listen to you and remember everything that you say, and also if they love you very much, if you don’t have a special pedagogical education, in most places you can’t be a teacher in any school. In order to be able to work as a teacher, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. But if you want to teach at higher levels, you will need a master’s degree, if not higher.

  • Love for children and work

In the teaching this is the personal quality that a person really needs in order to be able to work in this job, and without it, this job will bring suffering to both the employee and those with whom he works. It so happens that the teacher is almost the only worker whose job and main goal is to give knowledge to children professionally, and in some cases also to educate children. These are the two most important functions that every teacher must perform.

  • Knowledge of foreign languages

If you have a pedagogical degree and are going to work in a country other than your own, you will need to know at least English and the language of the country in which you are going to work. English in general is already mandatory not only for foreign workers, but also for those who are looking for work within their country. Knowing English can give you a higher income and you can get more money for your work.

How you can write a good and correct application letter for a teaching job and what is worth mentioning

At the time of writing this letter, you need to be specific to your employer about everything that you can do, what practice you already have in the area required for the job, and if there are any additional qualifications that may help you with doing your job. Your application letter should absolutely not look like a resume, and should contain the same information, but at the same time, you absolutely should not just retell your resume in a letter. Instead, tell us more about what practice you have already had, how you build relationships with children, and how you see your work in this position. It is absolutely not worth embellishing your capabilities, as it will be very unpleasant later when they cannot justify themselves. And in general, a lie is the very first item on the list of what absolutely cannot be written in a statement. But now I’m talking about what is worth writing in it, and how to do it right. Also before writing a letter, carefully read the vacancy, find out what they want from an employee specifically in this position, and write your letter accordingly.

  • Like any letter, this letter must be addressed to a specific representative of the company.
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Usually, vacancies indicate a contact person who is engaged in the employment of new people, selects resumes and people for an interview. You can address the letter to this person. If you do not know the specific details of the person who will read your letter, name his position. But still it is desirable to find at least some data of people who are engaged in employment. This may be, for example, the director of an educational institution, or a personnel manager.

  • Describe your interest in working on this position professionally and wisely

Here tell HR or your boss about what exactly attracts you to this vacancy. If you want to show more professionalism, then answer this question in such a way as to mention the interest not only in teaching something, but also the interest in teaching in this particular educational institution in this position. And if you’re really good with kids, that’s more than worth mentioning, as it’s a very important criterion for every teacher.

  •  Mention obtained education

You need high education to be a teacher. The required level depends on the age of the people you will be teaching and in which level. For an elementary school teacher compared to a high school teacher, the required level of education will be different. Also, if you have already taken any courses to improve or expand your qualifications, it is worth mentioning this as well.

  • Describe your practice on this position

Write about where and how much you taught, what exactly you taught, and how your students were doing. It is they who show the level of professionalism of the teacher, so if you have already had experience in successfully preparing children for competitions and olympiads, it is worth mentioning this.

  • Tell about how you teach
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Maybe you have some personal secrets of success, why do children love and listen to you? The ability to teach children well using modern techniques will show you as a qualified teacher who can make students get the best results to the best of their ability. To be able to unleash the potential of a child is more than important in such a profession, and besides, it has a positive effect on each child individually, not only at the moment, but also in the future.

  • Show that you would like to be interviewed personally

No matter how cool your letter and CV are, the best way to present yourself is live. So notice that if the employer is interested in your offer, then you would be happy to meet him personally at the interview and get to know him better. And if you get it – then you did everything right!

It is worth saying that if you are a multidisciplinary teacher, then for each individual vacancy it is worth writing a separate individual CV and a letter, since what will be a plus in one job may be useless in another, and will alienate the employer.

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