Instagram QR code: quick access to profiles and posts in one scan

Have you updated your Instagram app? If you haven’t, it’s about time you should, as Instagram recently added a new update featuring their in-app QR codes.

You can now generate an Instagram QR code to share posts, reels, tags, and locations. Users only need to scan this QR code with their smartphones to access the content.

This isn’t Instagram’s first application of QR codes. In 2020, it launched a feature that allowed users to share their profiles using QR codes.

Speaking to media outlets, Meta stated that they aimed “to make it simpler for consumers and companies to share specialized content” when they added QR codes to Instagram.

The question is, how can Instagram users access this in-app QR code generator feature? It’s as easy as pie, so you won’t have to worry if you’re new to QR codes.

1.How to create an Instagram QR code

Here’s a five-step guide to accessing the QR code feature on Instagram:

  1. Launch your Instagram app.

  2. Tap the three-dot icon on the post, reel, tag, or location you want to share.

  3. Select the QR code option.

  4. Choose a color you want for the QR code.

  5. Tap Save QR code.

Once you have saved the QR code as an image on your device, you can show or send it to other users and have them scan it so they can find the post, reel, tag, or location.

2.How to create an Instagram QR code with a QR code generator software

The Instagram in-app QR code makes it handy to share content, but if you plan on using them for business and marketing strategies, they won’t do.

Alternatively, you can create an Instagram QR code with an online QR code generator tool. It offers more functions and features you can use to promote your business.

Follow this guide to create a QR code for free:

  1. On Instagram, copy the link of the content you want to embed.

  2. Go to the QR code generator homepage.

  3. Select the Instagram button.

  4. Paste the Instagram URL and click Generate QR code.

  5. Customize your QR code. Aside from changing its colors, you can also select different patterns and eye shapes and add logos, frames, and calls to action.

  6. Scan your QR code to see if it’s working correctly.

  7. Download your QR code.

3.Dynamic Instagram QR codes: why they’re better

To unlock even more features, opting for dynamic QR codes for your Instagram content is highly recommended. These codes will help you run smoother campaigns.

These advanced QR codes are only available in tiered plans, but you can sign up for a free trial to get a firsthand experience of how they work without paying yet.

Here are two reasons why dynamic QR codes are better:

Editable content

You can edit the content embedded within an existing dynamic QR code—no need to create a new one. Update the URL in your Instagram QR code to change it into a new campaign.

With this feature, you can simply reuse your QR codes for an entirely different purpose.

Trackable QR code metrics

Numbers mean a lot when it comes to marketing. If your campaigns get only a little engagement from target users, you should address the problem to improve your reach.

With dynamic QR codes, you can track the following information on your dashboard:

  • Total number of scans

  • Location of scanners

  • The time users scanned the QR code

  • The operating system of the scanner’s device

These data allow you to assess your campaign’s performance thoroughly, guaranteeing that they’re helping you hit your goal.

4.QR code generator: a better alternative for your Instagram QR codes

Instagram’s new update on their in-app QR codes can facilitate faster and easier content sharing across any platform; all it takes is one smartphone scan to access them.

But when it comes to your business, you should opt for a QR code generator online software instead, such as QRTIGER.


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