Slovenian passport within a year: Laweius reviews

Reviews about Laweius

Laweius is a company that specializes in providing legal support with citizenship processing in 9 European countries. Their office is situated in Slovenia. Below we will examine some of the most recent reviews about, take a look at the list of necessary documents that you will have to provide for registration with company, as well as common requirements for immigration to Slovenia.

Citizenship registration is a procedure that carries a lot of hope for aspiring migrants. However, the new decade marked some major shifts in immigration laws globally due to economic fluctuations and pandemics. As a result, the most popular destinations for relocation are now the EU countries. Their GDP rates show stable growth and immigration policies are quite welcoming, as demonstrated by Laweius reviews.

 Overview of Laweius 

People who consider alternative citizenship can benefit from Laweius features, as shown in multiple clients’ reviews.

The responsibilities of lawyers include but are not limited to:

  • Free initial consultation;
  • Gathering the necessary documents;
  • Submitting an application;
  • Regular feedback on the ongoing procedure;
  • Registering appointments dates.

Keep in mind that each case is unique, so if you have some specific questions, you should reach out straight to lawyers. According to customers’ reviews, they guarantee individual consultations and assistance for every client.   

Laweius reviews shows that exact procedures might differ depending on a particular EU country. Slovenia is one of the most actively supported options in the reviews section on customer feedback websites, so below we will briefly list the major requirements for registering documents of the European Union.

 Registration of Slovenian citizenship with Laweius

As we have mentioned before, the company provides consultations and legal assistance in obtaining the citizenship of a range of European Union countries, including Slovenia.

In the EU, two common options for such a procedure are registration on the basis of repatriation or an investment. gives clients full legal support, which means that personal experience with authorities will be as smooth as possible.

Reviews about Laweius

Steps of Slovenian citizenship registration by repatriation:

  1. Consulting a lawyer;
  2. Signing an agreement, and the power of attorney;
  3. Collecting the documents and application submission;
  4. Passing the oath-taking ceremony; 
  5. Registering Slovenian documents.

With the support of Laweius people can easily get not only a Slovenian passport but also other essential documents like a driver’s license, and international passport. Average timeframe for waiting to get them approved and printed may vary. It might be 2-3 business days for obtaining an ID card and up to 9 months of a regular repatriation procedure.

 List of the documents

  • ID card;
  • International passport;
  • Baptismal certificate/ birth certificate (or both)/ extract from metric books;
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items;
  • Citizenship application;
  • Autobiography;
  • Power of attorney.

 Requirements for the applicants 

Below are listed general requirements for the applicants who wish to obtain Slovenian ID-card:

  • Having lived in Slovenia for at least 10 years, with 5 years of residence before application;
  • Renunciation of foreign citizenship;
  • Parents have Slovenian citizenship and/or were born in this country;
  • Applicant does not require welfare payments;
  • Married to a Slovenian citizen for more than 3 years;
  • Aged minimum 18;
  • Had Slovenian passport before.

However, precise evidence to provide to the government authorities of Slovenia depends on the procedure that the immigrant will choose. Consult Laweius privately to receive the list of requirements that are applicable to your particular case.

 Laweius: reviews on the lawyers 

Reviews about Laweius are shared online on public resources that provide star ratings and feedback about cooperation with the experts. As a rule, reviews show that the lawyers are well-versed in current updates to European immigration laws, which helps to speed up the registration procedure.

The power of attorney allows lawyers to free clients from tedious legal processes. Their representatives also continuously keep the customers updated and do everything to streamline the approval.

 Is it worth cooperating with Laweius? 

All in all, is it a good idea to trust your citizenship registration to Laweius? Let us review the major benefits:

  • Personal legal consultations;
  • Absence of inconsistencies in documents;
  • Variety of possible procedures;
  • The company assists in obtaining documents of 9 EU countries;
  • Quick approval process.

Online reviews demonstrate that Laweius offers services that improve the overall experience of obtaining an EU passport. Clients mention that they felt more confident in getting the desired citizenship. A high approval rate in reviews proves that clients were right in trusting Laweius with their immigration procedures.

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