What does Citizensl do? Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Citizensl has an accumulated rating of 4.5 stars, thus is a highly-qualified immigration expert.

When it comes to immigration to European Union member states, Citizensl has proven to be effective worldwide especially for applicants seeking citizenship in Europe, such as Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, and many others. There is no doubt that you will find assistance, no matter what your goal is: to start a business, to obtain favorable taxation conditions, to provide an opportunity to study at prestigious EU universities for your children, etc. You will find good reviews about Citizensl on marketplaces as well.


Citizensl: reviews on the company Citizensl: reviews on the company

Pros and cons of registration of European documents with Citizensl.com

Citizensl not only aims to keep up with contemporary tendencies but also tries to make clients’ dream about living in EU come true.

The main benefits of relocation to the EU are:

  • Free higher education in the EU;
  • Visa-free movement in a range of EU states;
  • Freedom of residence within the EU.

Through Citizensl online customer support, company will accompany you throughout the registration process. Since each detail is case-sensitive. Company lawyers will make sure all the information provided by the client is accurate. However, it usually takes 2-3 business days to prepare an applicant’s profile. In this process Citizensl will determine the scope and nature of the application after receiving the copies of following documents: 

  • ID card;
  • International passport;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage license;
  • Autobiography;
  • Power of attorney; 
  • 3,5 x 4,5 cm photos, 2 items; 
  • Citizenship application;
  • Proof of immigrant`s ethnicity or territorial affiliation.
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In case the application also includes immigration of the minor child then additional documents of the child must be attached (birth certificate and photos of the child).

Most of clients choose to be facilitated by experts before moving on further to compete in the registration process. This landmark is no doubt because of the satisfaction of Citizensl customers with the services CitizenSL.com provide within the marked deadline.

However, there are some cons of cooperation with the company, in accordance with some reviews on the Internet. Amongst them:

  • Company provides the clients just with online consultations, and there are no chances to be consulted offline;
  • Communication with the lawyers in a specific time-frames.

Responsibilities of the company

Completing the case, translation and notarization of all the required documents are handling by the lawyers of the company. Attorney’s responsibility is also to proceed with the signing of an agreement followed by gathering all the necessary documentation. Moreover, lawyers are responsible for managing of all the process, communication with the authorities and handling all the unexpected issues which can arise in the one’s immigration way.

Can everyone obtain European documents?

EU passport with Citizensl

Based on the criteria to obtain European documents that will initiate the registration process. In case you would like to obtain the citizenship of one of the European countries, such as Romania or Slovenia, basic requirements are similar, for all the applicants:

  • Have up to 18 years old;
  • Have no criminal records;
  • Have the required documentation;
  • Be able to pass the oath-taking ceremony.

Time frames of registering EU documents with Citizensl:

  1. The repatriation process usually takes from 6 to 12 months.
  2. Internal document registration takes approximately 21 working days.
  3. International passport registration takes 14 working days (valid for 10 years) or 1 working day (valid for 1 year) – only for a short time.
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Applicants who fail to provide equivalent rights as Europeans will not be entertained for the further immigration process. 

Challenges of Citizensl’s clients in obtaining the right documents

The procedure of applying for citizenship of European Union countries can be very challenging. That is why a lot of immigrants are asking the next question: “what actually can save my time and effort during immigration procedure?”.

The answer is really simply: lawyers’ support

With the lawyers’ help each of the immigrants have a chance to handle even the most difficult issue on their way.

Where do immigrants usually get stuck in obtaining EU immigration?

  • Collecting the papers and submitting them to the authorized bodies;
  • Communication with the authorities;
  • Signing up to pass a certain procedure.

How Citizensl help in obtaining European passport


Citizensl’ lawyers will give you the smallest details and real information you need to complete the above complex steps without any hassle. It is more convenient to take these steps in the presence of lawyers with the great experience in international migration field of more than a decade long period.

Processing of European documents has become easier for Citizensl clients, whatever problems they face in general, all questions during these procedures can be solved by immigration attorneys.  

Once you complete an online application through website you can avail of the initial consultation for free, and discuss all the questions you have.

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