These 20 Monochrome Outfits Are the Easiest Way to Slay This Summer

There’s a lot to love about a monochrome outfit, which consists of just one color. While some style concepts come and go (hello, Tumblr fashion?!), monochrome outfits have definitely been in style for quite some time now. Monochromatic outfits might not receive as much attention as they deserve, though.

Fortunately, we’re here to pay the ongoing trend some much-needed respect.While it might seem straightforward at first glance, combining one color with head-to-toe styling isn’t so simple when you break it down. From day to night, there are infinite designs that look just as put together as they do on the runway while staying casual and cool. We’ve got your back with dead-simple single-hued outfit inspo ahead–so scroll on down and let us know what you think!

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Apparis Wendi Scarf Top

One of our best sellers is this stunning hot pink top. We love the look and the long skirt pairings! Pair it with your favorite skirt and you’ve got a knockout look.

Hanifa Eryn Oversized Shirt

A monochrome outfit is one of the simplest styles to dress in. A good way to mix it up within a trifecta of most wardrobe essentials, such as high-waisted trousers and a bra top, is to add accessories such as a button down shirt. Next, stick to saturated colors like these by Hanifa that border on black and make your outfit’s focal point absolutely stand out.

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Lulus Green Ribbed Knit Cutout Halter Midi Dress

The cutout on the side and top halter neck make this dress look like a two-piece when, in reality, it’s one color. It would also easily pass for a “multipart” outfit. This cool shade of green will be trendy for a while to come.

ASOS Curve Oversized Natural Beach Shirt

When it’s hot out, an all-white outfit is not just a summer trend, it’s a must. Wear this outfit to the beach looking chic and cool in sun-bleached white!

The Frankie Shop Saiah Short Overalls

Beige button-downs are a chic yet easy outfit that you can pick up and wear in a hurry. Throw on some matching shades and you’ll never be bored. Beige doesn’t have to mean boring!

Indah Liv Crop Top

If you’re the type of person who loves the beach and summery looks, then this top is perfect for you. Keep your food inside and opt for the colorful look with this flirty piece. It’s made of light cotton with a crisscrossing strap in the back that keeps your outfit cool as well as looking fun!

Tory Sport Heavy French Terry Tennis Sweater

While loungewear is available in any color imaginable, monochrome just takes things to a whole other level. Nothing makes you feel more put together (and still cozy) than wearing a color-coordinated athleisure look at home. You’ll definitely want to show off this crisp tennis ‘fit, too.


11 Honore Nelly Skirt

You can’t see the stripes well from this angle, but by looking closely you can tell that this top and skirt are in fact white and blue. They’ll look great together!

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WMNS Wear Luna Lilac Ribbed Two-Piece Set

Want to dress up your outfit with a unique head-to-toe monochrome? Wear this outfit (sold as a set) and pair it with a gray blazer or even one of these adorable lilac button-ups.

NA-KD Shiny PU Straight Fit Pants

When looking for a statement piece, I like to choose something bold with bright colors. You’ll want to go with something that’s even punchy and bolder in a glossy fabric.

The Frankie Shop Bea Blazer

A monochrome dress can feel almost timeless if it complements your personal style. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit smart and chic with some statement sunglasses and a few fun details.

Playa Lucila Smocked Short Sleeve Midi Dress

For a monochrome outfit, it’s important to match your shoes with your dress and wear neutral shades such as brown or black. For an added edge you could wear some glam sunglasses with a white frame.

ASOS Design Summerweight Tracksuit

If you’re looking for a monochromatic look that can be worn again and again, this sweatshirt and shorts combo will be your go-to. They’ll give a put together vibe even when you’re just running errands.

Nicholas Tarla Top

Need a lightweight, monochromatic look for your casual brunch date or rooftop drinks? Here ya go! Wear this buttercup yellow crew neck until you’re ready to switch into something more appropriate for the weather.

Laws of Motion The Icon Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one of the easiest ways to create a monochrome outfit. They have low effort and high impact. These looks slay.

Hanifa Aniya Corset

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This lime green outfit is so deeply saturated, like a spotlight’s beam in the night sky. Seriously, if I saw someone wear this color anywhere, I couldn’t not give them a gushing compliment!


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