Strength-Based Model to Start in School

Strength-Based Model to Start in School

There have been several times when school management thinks that students should study with complete dedication and they should repute the name of the institutions but often this happens that students don’t perform at the level of the educational institutions. School managements put pressure with the help of tutors on students but that also doesn’t work and it is so because the teaching models have become older for teaching the students and students don’t understand the reason for the same repetitive teaching. These days students are not getting any strength-based learning model due to which they are lacking the inspiration and motivation in them to continue their education with accuracy and dedication. LMS and ERP of school management of any educational institutions can change this course of action while teaching the students but usually educational institutions don’t get such tutors who can change this whole traditional methodology and sometimes educational institutions don’t want to change it because it might take extra labour and time. But a strength based-model is necessary these days for the students to go with the current flow of the education system and attain the knowledge which is essential for their overall development. Now the question arises how such drastic changes can be made and what should be done to make any such good changes? Let’s see.

Strength-Based Model to Start in School

The LMS of any educational institution says that to make any drastic changes in the education system it should first start from the communication between students and tutors. Therefore, when tutors teach then he or she should run the class in a collective manner and should never differentiate among the kids in the class. Strength comes in the teaching model when there is a strong relationship between student and tutor. But does our education system give importance to this relationship? This all depends upon the tutors. If they shift their concentration from being a classroom teacher or a subject teacher to being a school teacher then this drastic change can be possible. ERP of educational institutions also advocate the fact that tutors have to think on a broad level instead of just completing formalities of being only a subject teacher. Students are like saplings, as saplings grow under the shadow of big trees just like them. Students also grow under the positive relationships with 2-3 people in his/her life who are adults like mentor and tutor and help the student to succeed in his/her academic goals.

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In the very starting of the semester tutors should talk to the students and find out their strengths along with their weakness and should emphasis on their strength’s whole year gradually so that students should also think about themselves optimistically and for this tutor needs to make students realize his or her strengths through various academic activities where they can recognize their potential and can believe in themselves. For a very long-time people were unaware of many other education systems other than traditional education systems such as distance learning and schooling for physically challenged children, for example people were unaware that there is a method through blind children also can get complete education and qualification which is called Braille script. Auch important and essential information should be shared by the tutor to the students so that their morals can be developed. Students should be taught that strength comes from within, not from any outside. During teachers and parents meeting tutors should never start with. To give importance to the strength of the students it is necessary that students should be treated with respect as tutors expect respect from them. Students are getting far away from the podium, from the process of expressing themselves, from the process of communicating with others effectively. It has become very common that whenever students are sent to the podium to speak on any topic or to communicate to others, like mentors, they hesitate a lot or start to stammer. This lack of confidence is destroying student’s lives today. 

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There are many ways to improve the strength of students. This needs the collaborative effort of teachers, mentors and parents also. Children should be taught empathy so that they should learn to express and explain what’s going on in their mind. Such students can get help from their mentors and peers with continuous practice of speech therapies and various activities in class which includes mutual communication such as speech giving, storytelling, poem singing etc. 

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