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Registration of the documents of the country of relocation can be challenging for many people. That is why, suggests its assistance in such immigration dilemmas. The company shows good results, and people all around the world can see it, analyzing information on the Internet and all the reviews of immigrants.

Company helps immigrants to implement their relocation dreams into reality, suggesting registration Romanian passport by repatriation. Such way is beneficial for many people.

Repatriation can be handled in a few ways:

  • On your own;
  • With the lawyers’ assistance.

What is the difference, and why should people consider cooperation with Eucitizensship? Which are the reviews about lawyers?

Why is it convenient to apply for Romanian passport with

The company, named Eucitizensship, is able to provide the clients with the individual approach. 

Steps, the clients are expected to pass, if they obtain EU passport with Eucitizensship:

  1. Preparation of the documents. All the papers will be collected in a right way, translated, and notarized. In case, the clients have lost some documents, the lawyers of Eucitizensship will help to find them.
  2. Submission procedure. The lawyers will need to sign up, and submit all the documents to the Ministry of Justice on the client’s behalf. If the case was verified, and the civil servant has no questions about it, the applicant will obtain the dosar – a tracking number of the case.
  3. Taking the oath. When dosar is verified, the clients have to go through the oath-taking ceremony. If the procedure was passed successfully, they obtain the citizenship certificate.
  4. Registration of the documents. The citizenship certificate is just a ticket for obtaining Romanian documents. That is why, after the previous step, the applicant will need to register an ID-card, passport, TIN, etc.

Benefits of cooperation with reviews

According to the reviews, people left on various websites, and the information about the company in general, we can make a short list of benefits of cooperation with the lawyers:

  • Work in accordance with Romanian law, and its amendments;
  • Necessity to conclude the agreement before the cooperation starts;
  • The experts are responsible for translating and notarizing the papers;
  • In case the clients have a lack of necessary papers, the lawyers will help to find them in the state archives;
  • They monitor all the steps;
  • If needed, lawyers will help with the paperwork for your close relatives (almost all the applicants consider it is as a main advantage of the

Some of the reviews about cooperation with you can find below: reviews

People are satisfied with the professional individual approach, and the meticulosity, as we can see in the reviews. However, there are some cons in their common journey, such as:

  • Translation of the papers into English should be performed by the potential clients before the cooperation;
  • There is no possibility to be consulted offline.

Registration of Romanian citizenship on your own

Immigrants can face up with some difficulties during the relocation process. For example, they need to communicate with the civil servant, follow the amendments in the law, sign up for the procedures, etc. In case there are some unexpected situations, such as the pandemic, people need to address the experts as soon as possible. However, if people are well aware in the Romanian law, and are able to tackle all the unexpected issues, they can start registration on their own. However, there is also a chance of incorrect preparation of the procedure, the reviews on the Internet show us that information.

Conclusion due to reviews 

Every company has its own rules, and tries to follow them. However, the conditions of Eucitizensship are really strict, and the lawyers stick to them. Such rules show us, that the company cares about its clients, especially in terms of confidentiality. Considering the high level of assistance, a huge number of positive reviews and strict compliance with the conditions of the contract and Romanian legislation, we can conclude that this company is a reliable one, which deserves your attention.


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